Reporting in WPF

There are a lot of tools out there that can do some kind of reporting. I’ve tried out many of them and really none of them really suite the needs of the average WPF programmer.

We use the MVVM Pattern for our application and that is great for use with WPF. Of course one does not want to create a complete new tier (the ViewModel) for reporting. The easiest would be a reporting tool that is capable of using the binding mechanisms that are present in WPF.

I stumbled upon the following when searching the Web for reporting tools.

This little project seems to do exactly what I’m looking for. It uses FlowDocuments with DataBinding in XAML to present Data in the DocumentViewer. I really hope that Hans Wolff, who is the author of the tool, keeps at it and creates a powerful library. What would be nice is a Designer. The current implementation (which is a early alpha) does not support that.